Tay Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Tay Landscape Partnership (TayLP) was a £2.6 million initiative, led by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, and principally supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund with contributions from a suite of other funders. The partnership was initiated to deliver shared objectives within the inner Tay estuary and to celebrate the landscape’s unique heritage value and improve both physical and intellectual access to this heritage.

TayLP began in March 2014 with 28 natural, built and cultural heritage projects to deliver, and over four years engaged over 82,000 people through a series of activities, events, workshops, festivals, school activities and presentations.

The principal objectives were to:

Conserve and restore built and natural features that make this landscape distinct;

Reconnect residents and visitors with the natural, built and  cultural heritage of this landscape;

Improve physical access to built and natural heritage features in the landscape;

Provide opportunities for people to learn about the landscape and its heritage;

Provide training opportunities for people in local heritage skills; and

Link with broader public and private investment in Dundee, Perth and Fife, to support sustainable       economic development.

Project Legacy:

TayLP was successful in delivering on its objectives and in addition to improving and enhancing both the historic environment of the area, and its biodiversity, there was notable social and economic benefits both in the short term and for the future. Feedback from young people not in employment, education or training, and from secondary school students was powerful, confirming the value of vocational training opportunities. The improved wellbeing of volunteer participants was noticeable with many enjoying being outdoors and taking part in meaningful projects.

All the work produced through TayLP is available on its legacy website at www.taylp.org and will remain as a resource for communities to take responsibility of their local heritage showing that the TayLP vision – to reconnect the wider public with this spectacular landscape – was achieved.

Read More about the Project’s Outcomes and Impact in the Report:


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