The Lower City Mills Story

A nationally important survivor of the burgh’s agri-industrial past that still retains its internal machinery and operated as working mill visitor attraction through the 1990s until the early 2000s.

The cluster of milling buildings including Lower City Mills, the Upper City Mill (now the Mercure Hotel) and their granary block, were central to feeding Perth over the last 250 years. They processed wheat, oats, barley and peas and incorporated the production of beer and bread made from some of these milled cereals. The site also encompassed a maltings, brewery and bakery at various points in time, alongside stables and cart-sheds to collect corn and distribute corn milled products.

Initially there were two buildings on the site of the Lower City Mills, on either side of the lade and with separate waterwheels, which were brought together under one roof to be driven by an unusually large wheel in the centre of the building, measuring 3.7m wide and 4.7m in diameter, harnessing the full power of the lade passing underneath. The building retains much of the original machinery in the block to the north of the lade, including three pairs of working millstones.

Early origins and the town lade

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